All customers will be treated professionally. Transparency and communication with clients will foster an efficient workplace, culminating in the highest quality of work. SRG is driven to do all projects right the first time – whether it’s a full restoration or a quick fix.

Keys to Success

  • SRG is meticulous and detail oriented.
  • Communication! Communication! Communication! SRG provides project estimates, invoices, timelines, and progress reports to each customer.
  • Shop is organized and clean, showing the respect we have for the cars and customers.
  • Superior tools and equipment expanding the capacity to work on rare metals, while maximizing the shops resources allowing for the creative and artistic talents to shine.
  • Building strong interpersonal relationships and reputable community ties.
  • Desire for continuous education and improvement.


SRG is determined to build a reputation as a leader in high-end car restoration, fabrication, and custom paint projects, bringing in not just local car customers, but car lovers from all over the world. SRG is determined on:

  • Doing the job right the first time.
  • Producing quality and creative workmanship. 
  • Maximize the shop’s resources through state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Specialized equipment and tools will set SRG apart from competitors nationwide, along with expanding the shop’s capability, time, quality, and cost of each project.
  • Dominate the local auto restoration market. Word-of-mouth is essential for a business to succeed in Coeur d’Alene. SRG is committed that when people talk about our business their discussion will always be about the quality service and products. Building positive relationships will grow SRG’s customer base with new and repeat customers based on our reputation.